3 Steps to Targeting Your Customers & New Course: Small Business Secrets

Small business owners and entrepreneurs often prioritize one thing: getting more customers. That’s not bad, but your strategy can’t just be all about quantity. We must consider quality, otherwise Chaos Inc. takes control.

If only you had someone walking you through the process of targeting the BEST customers…

Well, now you do! This week lynda.com launches my brand new course: “Small Business Secrets.” Every week I provide in-depth instruction with hands-on exercises to help you grow your small business. It’s like having a private sit-down session with me in your local coffee shop.

Watch the video below for a taste of the new course, then visit davecrenshaw.com/free for a 7-day FREE trial!

Instead of taking on that one-size-fits-all mentality, try sending unfit customers to your competitors.

Remember, this kind of meat-and-potatoes instruction in available only to Lynda.com subscribers. Pick up your 7-day free lynda.com membership here: davecrenshaw.com/free

This will also give you access to 1700+ courses, including my newest, Small Business Secrets, and my popular, Time Management Fundamentals.

Let’s hear from you! How do you ensure all your clients fit the MVC profile? Got any stories about saying “goodbye” to least valuable customers? Please share your insight below.

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