The Master of Basics, Dean Karrel

Dean explains why he believes in putting his family first and how this core value served him well over the years. He’s an expert in building and nurturing strong relationships, both work and personal, for a happy and successful life. We dive into how he transferred skills from his childhood dream job into a career beyond his imagination. Listen as Dean illustrates how he mastered the basics in order to grow and find his path to genuine happiness. Most importantly, you’ll learn how to achieve your own goals while maintaining a healthy balance from day one.



Pick ONE to do this week:

  1. Use past skills in your current job. Your current skills can be utilized to strengthen your career. For example, Dean used his skills in broadcasting, journalism, and sales to develop LinkedIn Learning courses that teach thousands of learners! One action you could take: Ask yourself: “Is there a way I could use more of a skill I learned in the past in my current job?”
  2. Match who you are with your workplace culture. It’s important that the culture of your workplace is a good fit for you. If it’s not, it may be best to move on to other options. One action you could take: Consider if the culture at your workplace is the right fit for you. If it’s not, think of one way you might help improve it.
  3. Discover your strengths and core values. Your strengths are a combination of natural gifts, skills, and passions. Your core values influence your decisions. Both serve as a guide to choosing your next step. One action you could take: Schedule an hour to take Dave Crenshaw’s course, Discovering Your Strengths, at
  4. Remember to put family first. No matter how busy work gets, always prioritize your family and loved ones above all else. This core value will help you stay on a path towards genuine happiness. One action you could take: Schedule time once per week to connect with your loved ones in a meaningful way. We have a weekly family game night, for example!


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Stop and take a moment to schedule the first action you’ve chosen from what you’ve learned today. If you’d like to learn more about Dean, you can follow him on LinkedIn for more tips and inspiration. You can also purchase his book, Mastering the Basics, to dive deeper into his formula for success.



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