The TIME Magazine Kid of the Year, Orion Jean

Join us to hear how Orion Jean is changing lives with his foundation, Race to Kindness. He started out by spreading joy at a local children’s hospital with a $500 prize he won in a writing contest. Then, with his parent’s support, he went on to make an impact larger than he ever imagined. He was named TIME Magazine’s Kid of the Year, raised funds for over 100,000 families and collected over 500,000 books for children. Find out how he and his family did it and how you can apply those lessons to your own journey for success.


Action Principles  

Pick one to do this week:

  1. Be optimistic. When you adopt a mindset that “everything’s going to work out,” you’re more likely to be successful. One action you could take: When you feel yourself thinking negatively, stop and look for something positive instead and focus on it.
  2. Seek out partnerships. It’s not only okay to get help, it’s encouraged! Strategic partnerships can make a big difference in your success. One action you could take: Research people or companies that have succeeded at what you’re trying to do, and reach out to them for help.
  3. Acquire new skills as you go. Learn new skills needed to keep moving forward instead of giving up. One action you could take: Take an online course on a skill you need to reach your goal.
  4. Focus on your why. When you know the reason why you’re doing something, it’s easier to push through opposition.  One action you could take: Write your “why” down and place it somewhere you’ll see it regularly.


Guest Resources

If you’d like to join Orion and his family in their mission to spread kindness around the world, you can go to

You can find Orion’s book, A Kids Book About Leadership, here:


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Making Big Goals Achievable


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