The Joyful Systematizer, Jenny Blake

Learn how Jenny Blake, the Joyful Systematizer, used her talent for identifying patterns and simplifying processes to become the expert in career development. In this episode, you’ll discover how she used her gift for systemization to help others. She shares the process, step-by-step, that led her to becoming a bestselling author and host to one of the top career development podcast shows in the country. She breaks down every action she took to fulfill her dream. Join us and find out how you can use Jenny’s simplified systems to reach your goals, find a healthy work-life rhythm, and enjoy your life now!


Action Principles 

Pick one to do this week

  1. Consume knowledge consistently. Adopting a mindset of continuous learning allows you to grow and be ready for new opportunities. One action you could take: Make a commitment to read one book on a topic you’re interested in each month. 
  2. Ask more questions. Be curious. When talking to someone, try to reach beyond the surface by asking more meaningful questions. One action you could take: The next time you’re talking to someone, ask more questions that start with “why, what, or how.”
  3. Adopt a helpful mindset. When you learn something new with the intent of helping others, you’ll internalize the information and better understand it. One action you could take: Before you begin learning, ask yourself, “How will this information position me to help others?”
  4. Set up experiments.When you experiment on new ideas, with no commitment to the outcome, you’ll begin to see patterns emerge and give you more direction. One action you could take: Choose one experiment to test an idea you have and see where it leads. 
  5. Be observant. Step back and be an observer of your own life to see what direction you should take next. One action you could take: Observe your life for two weeks, then take note of what energized you and what drained you. Use this information to maximize your time.
  6. Plan for free time. When you intentionally work towards having more free time, you’ll reach a more balanced level of success. One action you could take: Ask yourself, “What action can I do today that will free up more time for fun in the future?” Then schedule time to do it. 


Guest Resources

Prepare for your next career move with Jenny’s award-winning book and podcast, The Pivot Method. If you’re looking for systems to simplify your life, you’ll love Jenny’s book and podcast, Free Time. If you’d like to continue learning from Jenny, follow her on LinkedIn.


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