Why “Work-Life Balance” Is a Misnomer…Probably – Pick Dave’s Brain

Work-life “balance” or work-life “synergy” or neither one? This week’s question comes from Steve in Appeldoorn, The Netherlands. Q: Do you think the term work-life balance is really effective and accurate? I like to use “work-life synergy” and find it to be more effective. Isn’t working toward balance a less effective approach to take?

How to Avoid Multitasking in a Partnership – Pick Dave’s Brain

If you’re bad at playing volleyball, does that make you bad at multitasking? This week’s question comes from Martin in Utah. Q: My partner and I are multitasking at the partnership level. How can we more effectively manage projects as partners to make sure that we’re always working on the most important thing?

How to Prioritize Ideas – Pick Dave’s Brain

This week’s challenging question comes from Zeya, in Ontario, Canada: Q:  How do I prioritize ideas in my head? Often I start working on one project, but suddenly think of the other projects that I need to work on, and then the process gets scattered.