What is your time management style?

I’m pleased to introduce this brand new course to you. It will help you discover your own personal time management style and set you up for success in managing your own time and collaborating with others.

Before we get to that, here’s a question: what’s your style?

Your time management style is a reflection of your preferences and strengths. In my years of working with professionals across all levels of academic and socio-economic backgrounds, I’ve found that people fall into one of two different categories when it comes to their workday. Half prefer smooth, steady consistency—and half crave variety in their workday to keep things interesting.

Knowing your own preference is the first, and most crucial, variable in determining your time management style.

Once this factor is identified, you can use the knowledge to schedule your workday in a way that best suits your style. Having this knowledge is also very helpful when working with teammates and managers because knowing the time management styles of others can help you all be more productive and harmonious.

So, do you need a fair amount of variety in your day, or do you prefer uniform consistency? Let me know in the comments.

Understand the variety-consistency scale from Finding Your Time Management Style by Dave Crenshaw

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