From refugee to millionaire: one woman’s Invaluable Story


Last week, while speaking in Calgary, I made some great new friends. One of these was Tahani Aburaneh, a very successful businesswoman in Canada.

Too many people blame their circumstances or background as a limiting factor in what they can make per hour. In this video, Tahani personally shares with me (and you) how she overcame a laundry list of obstacles and built an invaluable career. Hint: look for the one principle she lives by to build success—it happens to be one of the six Invaluable Factors.

This is just the first story in a new series of videos I’ll be doing. At least once per month, I’ll be interviewing someone who became Invaluable in the marketplace.

If you find Tahani’s story inspiring, please comment. Then please share this video with at least two friends or colleagues.

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5 Archived Responses to “From refugee to millionaire: one woman’s Invaluable Story”

  1. Suraya Aburaneh says:

    GREAT INTERVIEW!!! Good job Tahani!!!!

  2. She’s a star in the making. 🙂

  3. Miranda Voth says:

    What a smart woman! And good on her for being so positive and achieving her dreams!

  4. Alena Dervisevic says:

    This is just the beginning for you.
    You are absolutely luminous, you help others grow, you inspire and you motivate. An amazing person, to say the least!!!

  5. Patryk says:

    She’s an amazing inspiration! And quite attractive, I must say.