Think “free” is more valuable? Think again! – Pick Dave’s Brain

This week’s question comes from Ran in Montreal, Canada. He asks: Q: I’m also in the training industry, but find it hard to compete because entrepreneurs have so many free resources. What worked for you in the beginning when you were getting your start? What would you advise me to do?

Why time management principles trump software tools – Pick Dave’s Brain

This week’s question comes from Johnny in Redmond, Washington. He asks: Q: Hi! I’m an international student in 10th grade, and I’m looking to improve my time management habits. I watched your “Time Management Fundamentals” course on LinkedIn Learning. How can I use your method most effectively with Omnifocus?

How to choose a personal CRM – Pick Dave’s Brain

Are you winning the game of Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon? This week’s question comes from Aida in Saint Louis, Missouri. Q: In your Building Your Professional Network Course you recommend using CRMs. Could you recommend one basic CRM for someone like myself that could be used for personal purposes to maintain your connections?