Why your child may be paying the costs of switchtasking

Is your child paying the costs of switchtasking? Most of us now know that switchtasking—commonly referred to as multitasking—isn’t good for our productivity at work. That’s wonderful news! However, are you aware that your children are most likely exposed to switchtasking, too? During a recent interview on ABC News in Philadelphia, I talked about how many students … Continue reading “Why your child may be paying the costs of switchtasking”

Productivity improves when switchtasking is reduced

Want to get more done in less time and improve productivity? Stop switchtasking. Realization Technologies, Inc. did a case study with forty-five companies, averaging over 20,000 employees each. They found an average 59.8 productivity improvement in companies that reduced multitasking—what I call switchtasking. Almost 60%! That’s the equivalent of over 100 reclaimed hours…per employee…per MONTH. When … Continue reading “Productivity improves when switchtasking is reduced”

Why reducing workplace distractions includes using your five senses

How can you make a workplace less distracting? Use your five senses. Yes, the ones we learned about in elementary school Sight. Sound. Touch. Smell. Taste. Recently, I shared how you can leverage these five senses to create the optimal atmosphere for meetings or negotiations on the Negotiate Anything Podcast with Kwame Christian Esq., M.A. You … Continue reading “Why reducing workplace distractions includes using your five senses”