Piecing Together Your Product or Service Name

Remember the name of the last product or service you purchased?

Sure, you may regret buying those Cinnabon Cinnasweeties and Oreo Chillata, but think about why those word fragments were picked to form such appealing product names. Finding that perfect name can be a bit of a puzzle. With more pieces comes a greater challenge. But, the more challenging the puzzle, the greater that rush of endorphins will be when it is finally complete.

So, put down that Chillata for 90 seconds and check out these simple rules for developing tantalizing product or service names. WARNING: this video may result in over-use of the phrase “Nailed it!”

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Video transcription:

When it comes time to name a product or service, how should you go about doing it? Think about this like assembling a jigsaw puzzle.

First, we want to get all the pieces out on the board. How we do this is number one, by defining your most valuable message. If you need help with this, refer to my book The Focused Business chapter 8.

Then, after you define the most valuable message, you’re going to create a message palette. This is a series of words and phrases that reinforce that most valuable message. So for instance if the word is happy, you might include words like joy or pictures of people smiling.

And then number three, we’re going to take all those words and phrases and we’re just going to assemble them randomly. We’re just going to stick them together and see which of them sound good. This is a great way to begin the process.

Now I’d like you to share in the comments section below: what’s one product or service that you love the name of?

Also, if you’ve got a question you’d like me to answer in a future video, ask that below as well.

Thanks for watching. Now have fun putting those pieces together.

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4 Archived Responses to “Piecing Together Your Product or Service Name”

  1. Kim S. says:

    I wanted to tell you that my Marketing Manager just came to me with some brainstorming ideas to name our buying and selling packages after watching your small business slice about “Corner Pieces.” It really inspired her. Thank you.

    • Love it, Kim! That’s really what this is about, not necessarily coming up with the final name, but getting the brainstorming process started. Glad to help. 🙂

  2. David says:

    Hi all, if anyone needs help assembling message palettes and doing the kinds of brainstorming Dave describes, I just wanted to give a heads up about PhraseWorthy, a product developed specifically to help with that process. It’s brand new, check it out at http://www.phraseworthy.com

  3. Dave Crenshaw says:

    Hi, David.Thanks for sharing PhraseWorthy. I’ve tested it out and found it to be a helpful tool for brainstorming.

    May I offer a suggestion? I’d personally like to see more interplay between the words the user creates. For instance, if I entered Focus and Chaos as words, I found myself wishing there was a tab that showed random combinations (backwards, forwards, number of letters deep) of those words plus their synonyms. Hope that helps!