5 Reasons to Invest 5 Hours/Week On Your Business

Hard work is admirable and necessary, certainly. But all too often business owners only work hard and rarely work smart. This results in growing your muscles but not growing your business.

To work smart, you’ve got to work ON your business, not just IN it. This short video illustrates the top five reasons why. Watch, get pumped, then pump up your business!

Click to tweet this: 5 hours a week working ON your business for 5 years can earn you 5 decades of freedom.

Think of it like investing time to make time. That’s how you really grow your business.

Spending more time ON improving performance and reducing emergencies means you spend less time battling blazes IN your business.

And that extra, compounded time only adds up down the line…so much so that you can really focus on your harvests, or even spend more time with your loved ones.

So, to those of you one-step ahead of me, I ask, why do you invest time working ON (versus IN) your business? Inspire your fellow entrepreneurs by joining the conversation below!

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