The To-Don’t List for Busy Entrepreneurs

Big hair, leg warmers, VHS tapes, and the Roger Rabbit are best left in the past-tense. So are To-Do lists. Your list of chaotic, entrepreneurial regrets will never come back in style.

Instead of reliving each blast from the past, try my super simple 90 seconds of small business goodness. It’s so good you won’t stop believin’…in the power of a to-DON’T list!

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I’m surprised at how many small business owners are still using “to-do list.” That’s so 1985.

Instead, let’s create a to-DON’T list. Business owners have too much to do. What we want to do is create a list that helps you focus by identifying in advance the things you want to say “no” to.

Start by thinking about last month. What are things that you did last month that you should not have done? Add those to the list.

Now, think about projects that you’ve engaged in–in the last year–that really were just a waste of time. Add a general description of those kinds of projects to your to-DON’T list.

And what about distractions, things that just in the moment of the day pull you in lots of different directions? Add that to your to-don’t list as well.

Then share what you have in the comments section below. I’d like to see your starting “to-don’t list.”

Also, if you’ve got a question that you’d like me to answer in a future video, ask that below as well.

Thanks for watching. Now go don’t do something today.

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