Why time blocking makes for a more productive leader

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“I’m too busy managing day-to-day issues to have time for strategic planning!”

The management side of leadership can be all-consuming, and in order to be productive, you need to set aside time for strategizing and creation, too.

My awesome friend, and fellow LinkedIn Learning author, Dorie Clark, offers a fantastic solution to balancing these two sides of leadership. Time blocking!

Time blocking means setting aside specific days for her defined roles as a leader: the manager role and the maker role.

On “manager role” days, she schedules her meetings, calls, and tasks related to managing her team and business. Then, on the “maker role” days, she blocks off unstructured amounts of time for strategizing and content creation. No management related tasks are to take place on those days.

This method guarantees you have enough time for all aspects of being a productive leader, and it also minimizes switchtasking.

When you’re focused on a particular set of tasks each day, knowing you have reserved time for the others, you’re less likely to bounce back and forth. Your focus will improve as a result, which ultimately boosts your productivity. Win-Win!

Do you have a tip for being a more productive leader? I’d love to hear it!

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