Why saying no is so important

Pencil in that “no” now if you need that extra push!

Saying no to requests that don’t contribute to your most valuable activities allows you to say YES to the ones that do contribute to your Most Valuable Activities (MVAs). No CAN mean “yes” in this case!

My talented friend, Rod, has a great technique for keeping his commitment of saying NO. He schedules an event that simply says “Say NO” on every single Saturday in his calendar. Saturdays are for his family! Isn’t that genius?!

This is a great way to stay focused when you get those bids for your time that need to be declined. It can be hard when it’s a job, but when you have that big NO staring at you it’s much easier. In this scenario, Rod values his family time far more than any job request. It also forces him to really evaluate the request in comparison to his MVAs.

What is one of your reasons for saying “NO”, and how do you ensure that you remember to say it?


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