Why repetition in training is critical to success

I’m here at the LinkedIn Learning studio where we just finished filming two new fields, and an update to the course, Discovering Your Strengths. Right now, I want to talk to you about the nature training and how a big problem in the corporate environment is the fear of repetition. The problem is that repetition is so important! People need to hear and do things multiple times before they feel confident in completing the task correctly.   

One of the issues I run into when I work with CEOs, or speak at events, is not knowing how to get the repetition into their training process. I share a pattern I call “DPO,” which stands for demonstrate, practice and observe. I will be covering this in more detail in one of the new courses coming out soon. Basically, you demonstrate the task to the person first, then let them practice it while you give them immediate feedback, and finally, you observe the person complete the task without any immediate feedback until they finish. You can then provide final feedback after this step. This needs to be done in a “safe space” where they’re expected to make mistakes because no one expects someone to be perfect at something from the very start. It takes practice and lots of it!   

Think about something you want to improve upon and consider if you are getting in enough reps and DPO time for it. Thanks for watching! If you want to see the courses we are creating, you can go to DaveCrenshaw.com/Learn and even sign up for a free 30-day trial to check them out.

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