The Walking Encyclopedia – Dr. Tony O’Driscoll – Business Research Professor

Hear the story of how Dr. Tony O’Driscoll turned a diagnosis of dyslexia and attention deficit disorder into a successful academic career at Duke University. His work has appeared in the Harvard Business Review and The Financial Times. Tony’s latest book, Everyday Superhero, unlocks the power of human potential. In this episode, you’ll learn how he discovered his passion through his innate curiosity and gift of making the complex simple. Listen to Dr. O’Driscoll’s story and choose your action to further your journey. 


Action Principles 


Pick one to do this week


  • Follow your curiosity. Allow yourself to enjoy the process of being interested in something. Go deeper and let your curiosity lead you. ACTION: Read a book on a topic you’re interested in to learn more about it.
  • Seek a diagnosis. If you think you’re dealing with a mental health challenge, seek professional assistance. A clinical diagnosis is the first step to identifying solutions. ACTION: Schedule an appointment for an evaluation.
  • Clarify your purpose. When you know your purpose, the path to get there becomes clear. ACTION: Take time to contemplate your purpose and write it down.
  • Find your peace. When you can calm your mind regardless of external influences, you’ll be more equipped to stay focused on your goal.  ACTION: Create a ritual or system to help you find a place of peace and calmness.


Guest Resources


You can follow Dr. Tony O’Driscoll on LinkedIn and get a copy of his new book, Everyday Superhero


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