The Productivity Ringmaster, Laura Vanderkam – Author and Speaker

Hear the story of how Laura Vanderkam became one of the most prolific writers in the world while still successfully juggling a family of five children. As a lifelong writer, Laura has never let life’s challenges stop her from pursuing her dream of becoming an author. She has published multiple time management and productivity books, started two successful podcasts, and more! In this episode, you’ll discover how she got published and what she does to maintain a healthy work-life balance as a parent. Learn from Laura and pick one action to help you pursue your passion.

Action Principles 

Pick one to do this week:

  1. Be passionate about your career. You’re far more likely to succeed when you align passion with talent. ACTION: List your strengths and passions, then find a career path connecting both.
  2. Keep it concise. Strive to say what you need in the least amount of words possible. The delivery will be far more powerful. ACTION: Take a moment to review your work and ask yourself, “What can be left out without affecting my message?”
  3. Experiment. Test new ideas and measure the results. Avoid expecting perfection by focusing on progress. ACTION: Choose one new idea you’ve been working on and schedule a test run.
  4. Be a planner. Have a consistent routine to sit down and plan out your schedule and tasks. ACTION: Schedule a recurring planning period in your calendar.

Guest Resources

Continue learning from Laura Vanderkam by visiting You can also find her latest book, Tranquility by Tuesday on Amazon.

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