The PR Angel, Pam Perry – Publicist and Brand Strategist

Hear the story of how Pam Perry became one of the most prolific PR agents in the world. She utilizes her award-winning communication skills to help her clients gain publicity in Essence magazine, Black Enterprise, CNN, PBS, CNBC, and NPR. In this episode, you’ll learn how she turned her genuine love for making connections into a highly successful career helping her clients do the same. Listen to Pam’s story, then choose the action to help you get closer to success.


Action Principles 


Pick one to do this week:


  1. Be curious. Show genuine interest in others. Listen actively during conversations to build strong connections. ACTION: During your next conversation, make it a goal to pay closer attention and be genuinely curious about the person.
  2. Be a storyteller. Stories help create connections. It can be something that happened at work, the gym, or a memory from your past. ACTION: Take ten minutes to think of a moment from your day that you can turn into a story.
  3. Say no more often. Focus your time on things that ignite passion. Decline activities that take away from the valuable ones. ACTION: Choose one thing you do now that is low value and say no to it.
  4. Find your group. Stretch out of your comfort zone through groups that challenge you. You’ll grow faster and be more successful. ACTION: Research local groups that share your career path or interests and choose one to join.


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