The Musician with a Message, SaulPaul – Musician and Producer

Hear the story of how SaulPaul went from being in foster care and prison to inspiring people worldwide as a Grammy-nominated musician. His determination to succeed despite growing up in a poor environment helped him overcome hard times. In this episode, you’ll also learn how SaulPaul uses his talent as a musician to spread an invaluable message to the world. Listen to his story and choose which action most resonates with your goals.

Action Principles 

Pick one to do this week:

  1. Be your best. Instead of trying to be good at several things, be the best at one thing. ACTION: Pick one thing to be the best at and give it your full focus.
  2. Find a trusted mentor. It can be powerful to follow someone you trust who’s successful in your industry. ACTION: Choose a mentor you trust to inspire and help you grow.
  3. Discover your strength. Everyone has a natural strength. You’ll be far more successful if you can turn that into a profitable career. ACTION: Ask yourself, “What do others always ask me to do or help with?” Then, spend time contemplating ways to turn that into a career.
  4. Be the change. One person can make a difference in others’ lives, and it doesn’t require extensive effort. ACTION: Visit to join SaulPaul’s “Be the Change” challenge.

Guest Resources

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