The Blind Warrior, Brad Snyder – Gold Medalist Paralympic Swimmer

Hear the story of how Brad Snyder became a gold medalist swimmer despite losing his sight as a naval officer in Afghanistan. His mindset of gratitude and continuous growth helped him persevere as he relearned how to live without sight. In this episode, you’ll discover how Brad beat the odds to pursue his passion, found ways to balance life as a new father, and continues to push himself to succeed. Listen to his story and choose which action fits your needs best.

Action Principles 

Pick one to do this week:

  1. Discover your unique advantage. What is something you can do well that doesn’t come easily to others? Use that to build a successful career. ACTION: Contemplate ways your unique skillset can be used in a business setting and create a plan of action.
  2. Practice gratitude. Find ways to be grateful every day. Make it a habit to share those positive thoughts with those around you. ACTION: Share one thing you’re grateful for with a loved one each day.
  3. Be adaptable. Let go of past expectations for optimal growth. Be the best version of yourself today. ACTION: Give yourself permission to adjust expectations as your needs and abilities change.
  4. Get inspired. Follow people who inspire you to do better in life. ACTION: Pick one person you admire in your field and follow them online.

Guest Resources

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Discovering Your Strengths

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