The Design Evangelista, Ayse Birsel

Discover how Ayse Birsel, The Design Evangelista, embraced her natural talents for problem-solving and creativity to become an award-winning industrial designer, working with major brands like Amazon, Toyota, and IKEA. In this episode, you’ll learn how impactful relationships and mentors can be in your life. Ayse also shares how she uses a life roadmap and views problems as opportunities for a successful, balanced life. Listen to her inspirational story. Then, select one of the actions below to infuse her wisdom into your life today!

Action Principles 

Pick one to do this week

  1. Create a life roadmap. Sit down and sketch out the highlights from your life. Explore the lessons you’ve learned along the way, and plan out where you want to go next. ACTION: Schedule a date in your calendar to design your life roadmap.
  2. Mentorship. There’s significant value in having or being a mentor. Whether you’re being helped, or you’re helping someone else, the relationship created can be life-changing. ACTION: Ask someone you admire in your industry if they’ll be your mentor. If you’re already at a high level, consider being a mentor instead.
  3. Adopt an optimistic mindset. Instead of viewing everything as a problem, adjust your mindset and look at them as opportunities. ACTION: If you’re facing a challenging issue right now, ask yourself, “What if this is an opportunity to make something better?”

Guest Resources

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