Bonus Episode: Humility and Confidence – The Crenshaw Family

Join my family in this special episode as we discuss the success principle of humility and confidence. Together, my kids and I define the meaning of being humble as accepting feedback with a growth mindset.

We discuss how being confident doesn’t mean always feeling that you know what to do, which may lead to arrogance. Instead, having humility and being confident will give you the courage to ask more questions and believe in your ability to succeed.

Then, we all share ideas for how to use these principles to be more successful in our daily lives.

Action Principle

Have confidence in reaching your goals. By being confident in your ability to reach a goal, you’ll be more likely to stay on course when things get hard. Be humble enough to ask for advice when you need it. ACTION: Create a vision board of you achieving your goal and keep it where you see it daily.

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