The Awesome Podcaster, Pete Mockaitis

Learn how Pete Mockaitis, the awesome podcaster, used the scientific method to create one of the world’s most popular and profitable podcasts. His enthusiasm for learning, working with people, researching ideas, and thinking outside the box guided his path towards the successful life he enjoys today. In this episode, you’ll hear how Pete turned his failed business attempts into a proven system for success. Listen to Pete’s story, then decide which action fits your needs best and make him a part of your success journey.

Action Principles 

Pick one to do this week:

  1. Take advantage of extracurricular activities. When you take part in school activities outside the classroom, you gain experience and build valuable connections.  ACTION: Do a little experiment by taking part in an activity that’s unexpected.
  2. Validate demand. A great idea is only as good as the demand for it. Use a system of research and testing to validate the demand first. ACTION: Survey your target market on your idea.
  3. Adopt a scientific mindset. As a scientist, you must be okay with failure. Through failed experiments, you can learn valuable lessons. ACTION: Choose a test to run and tell yourself “If it fails, that’s okay…what did I learn?
  4. Ask for feedback. Before investing in a new product or service, ask others for feedback on their experience. ACTION: Ask five people that used a service provider you’re considering and ask them how it worked out for them. Would they use it again?

Guest Resources

Continue learning from Pete by subscribing to his podcast, How to be Awesome at Your Job. You can also follow him on LinkedIn.

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