Bonus Episode: Systems – The Crenshaw Family

Join my family in this special episode as we discuss the success principle of systems. Together, my kids and I define what makes up a system and why they are essential to success. We discuss examples of how systems create consistent experiences all around us. We also share systems we use personally and why they help us meet our goals.

Then, we all share ideas for how we can improve our systems to make the next draft a little bit better.

Action Principle

Be open to making changes when your system needs an update. Using systems will get you consistent results for long-term success. You must also be willing to review and make changes as required. There’s no such thing as a perfect system, only the next draft. Ask yourself, “What one thing can I do to make my system just a little bit better?”  ACTION: Decide on one step to improve your system, then write it down and take action on it.

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