How a small Oasis of fun impacts productivity

I recently spoke in Salt Lake City to the Entrepreneur’s Organization for EO Alchemy about the Power of Having Fun and how taking small breaks for something fun can dramatically increase your performance during the day. These little breaks are what I call an Oasis, and they’re critical to improving your productivity.   

As an example of the positive effects of taking an Oasis during the day, I had these entrepreneurs—around 500 in total—do something silly but fun. Before the activity, I had everyone rate their current energy level, and the average was between a 5 to 6 overall. Next, I had them all do the floss for just one minute. We even set an unofficial world record for the most people to do the floss simultaneously! We had fun laughing as we attempted the silly dance trend together. After that minute was up, and everyone sat back down, I had them rate their energy level once more…and the result was an average of 8 to 9! Just by doing a silly little dance, a fun break, everyone’s energy levels jumped up several notches. The entire mood shifted in the room!   

Your Oasis can be active, like the floss, or it can be something relaxing like reading a good book. Just make it a pattern, and you will not only have more fun, but you will get more done. Thanks for watching! 

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