How to start learning to enjoy your life again

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“I’m tired of not being able to enjoy my life!”

I hear this often from my consulting clients as they struggle with not knowing how to enjoy the moments intended to be fun. They’ve even wondered aloud if they’re a sociopath! Of course, they’re not…they’ve just forgotten HOW to have fun.

PMI South Florida brought me in to speak with project managers and executives in Ft. Lauderdale about The Myth of Multitasking and The Power of Having Fun, and I decided I’d like to share one key component from the Power of Having Fun with you now.

It’s a simple trick that will help you learn to enjoy fun experiences while in the moment. I call it, “Head, Heart, Mouth,” and it’s three simple steps:

🤔 Head – Intellectually acknowledge that the moment is fun. No emotions, just a mental awareness.

💙 Heart – Ask yourself, “How is this making me feel right now?” This open-ended question will force a response from your brain that triggers emotion.

🗣️ Mouth – Finally, express yourself by either speaking your feelings aloud to someone or writing it down if that’s not an option.

What are some things you do to make sure you enjoy a moment when it’s happening? Share your tips in the comments below!