How to Detox Your Overstuffed Email Inbox

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Many entrepreneurs are email hoarders—especially when it comes to their inbox. Unfortunately, displaying emails front-and-center creates a cycle of continuous switchtasking. Talk about a productivity killer!

Start stockpiling those messages the smart way with my super simple solution—served up in less than 90 seconds! Think of it as a much needed detox for your overstuffed inbox.

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When I help entrepreneurs with their productivity, I am often shocked at how often people are leaving emails in their inbox.

They do it as a reminder of things that need to be done or in case they need to get it in the future. The problem is that creates lots of switches and stress in your day. Every time you look at that email inbox, you see a hundred things that are undone.

The inbox is the home of unprocessed items—things that haven’t been dealt with. And you should bring your email inbox to zero at least once per week.

And when something is processed, you should move it into the archive or into one resource folder. There’s no need to sort them and put them into separate folders. Just put them into one big folder and let the search engine take care of it when you need to find things in the future.

So the question I’d like you to answer honestly in the comment section below is—how many emails do you have in your inbox right now?

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Thanks for watching. Now go archive an email.

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