How to reduce stress using boundaries when working from home

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“I had to army crawl across our bedroom to avoid being in my husband’s Zoom meeting!”

A statement most would never expect to say, yet that is exactly the story a couple we’re friends with next door shared with us recently.

These situations are becoming more commonplace as the world rapidly attempts to adjust to the challenges of working from home.

In my LinkedIn Learning course, Time Management: Working from Home, I teach the principle of creating boundaries. In this case, having a separation that divides your workspace would be very helpful. No more crawling across the floor on your stomach to avoid the seeing eyes of a virtual conference!

Here are a few quick suggestions for creating that workspace boundary:

1. Hanging a curtain up
2. Room dividers from Amazon
3. Order a custom backdrop divider from Anyvoo

The last idea is a fun one from my friend, Michael Bungay Stanier. He had one designed that fit his personality perfectly! No matter what you choose to do, creating boundaries to give yourself more focus and privacy will go a long way in keeping you sane at home.

How do you create a workspace when an office isn’t available?

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