Productivity improves when switchtasking is reduced

Want to get more done in less time and improve productivity? Stop switchtasking. Realization Technologies, Inc. did a case study with forty-five companies, averaging over 20,000 employees each. They found an average 59.8 productivity improvement in companies that reduced multitasking—what I call switchtasking. Almost 60%! That’s the equivalent of over 100 reclaimed hours…per employee…per MONTH. When … Continue reading “Productivity improves when switchtasking is reduced”

Why reducing workplace distractions includes using your five senses

How can you make a workplace less distracting? Use your five senses. Yes, the ones we learned about in elementary school Sight. Sound. Touch. Smell. Taste. Recently, I shared how you can leverage these five senses to create the optimal atmosphere for meetings or negotiations on the Negotiate Anything Podcast with Kwame Christian Esq., M.A. You … Continue reading “Why reducing workplace distractions includes using your five senses”

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