How to find a healthy work-life rhythm when working remotely

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Is working from home blurring the lines between your job and your family? While there are countless benefits to working remotely, one downside is the havoc it can wreak on your work-life rhythm. The good news is there’s a solution and it’s easy to implement. Below is a quick summary of the steps needed to recalibrate your rhythm. I go into more detail during my live interview on WJLA-TV, so be sure to watch the clip below.

Try these four steps to keep your work-life rhythm healthy, which will boost your productivity, too:

  1. Spend time every day in a “digital-free sanctuary.”
  2. Understand that it’s okay to say, “no.”
  3. Schedule buffer time in between events or tasks in your calendar.
  4. Protect and respect your boundaries using clear communication.

What’s one way you strike a healthy work-life rhythm when working from home?

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