Productivity Tip: Productive emails are brief and friendly

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Have you ever opened an email that looked more like a book?

It’s overwhelming to get hit by a wall of text—especially if you’re on your phone.

I know when I do, my brain just wants to exit and run!

Emails should be short and sweet, right?

If someone has to scroll down, there’s a good chance your email’s too detailed.

Here’s my system for writing productive emails:

1. Use bullet points to highlight important information and break up the text.
2. Use short paragraphs of 1-3 sentences each.
3. Avoid using words that could be misinterpreted as a negative emotion.
4. Review the email, removing any unnecessary information and correcting errors, before sending.

You’ll save yourself and the recipient a huge headache!

Bonus tip: If you find that you can’t reduce the length of the email without sacrificing important details, it may mean a phone call would be best.


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