How to extend your battery and your focus

Do you consistently worry about the battery life of your smartphone? Let me show you a few tricks to extend the life of the battery straight from my phone’s screen, so you have one less distraction interrupting your focus throughout the day. The first step is to minimize the use of the three standard functions of every smartphone. Wifi, Bluetooth, and the brightness of your screen are all functions that drain the battery power, so it’s best only to use them when you need them. Turn your screen brightness as low as you are comfortable with and turn off Wifi and Bluetooth when these functions are not in use.  

Another great way to minimize your battery usage and extend its life is to use apps that repress your most energy-draining apps when you are not actively using them. I have an android, and I use Greenify. Finally, most smartphones have the “battery saver” option. This should be your last resort, as it slows down your phone and shuts some functions down to save power. Use it when you are getting below a certain point and want to preserve the power for more basic functions like making a call.    

Let me know what you think about this kind of video! Thanks for watching.