How a great weakness can be turned into a great strength

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Is your greatest weakness really a strength? It is for me. I wasn’t always an expert on time management and productivity. I bounced from career to career like a kangaroo. Then my wife said two words to me…

“I’m pregnant.”

When I heard this, I quickly realized something had to change. I needed stability to support this new life coming into the world.

As I shared with David Neagle on his podcast, The Successful Mind, this life-altering revelation led me to develop life-changing systems. Inspired by great time management thinkers, I designed a simplified version of a time management system that worked for my chaos-prone personality.

Then I discovered that this same system could benefit others who were equally overloaded. Thanks to my partnership with LinkedIn Learning, this is a system hundreds of thousands around the world now use to be more productive!

I’d have never believed it had you told me this was my future. It just goes to show that your weakness could actually be your strength. For me, my ADHD brain—which created so much chaos—ALSO gave me the ability to pull together a simplified way of helping people overcome chaos!

What’s one weakness you have that’s really a strength in disguise?

Dave’s book, The Myth of Multitasking, is available now on Amazon. Learn how to minimize switchtasking and stop paying all the costs!

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