Why connecting your personal values to your work adds meaning

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What’s one word that describes a value you believe in? Even in the best of jobs, work can sometimes feel like it’s losing meaning. This negatively impacts happiness, as well as your productivity.

Before you get to that point, stop and think about your personal values. In single words or brief phrases, what do you believe in? When your daily tasks align with your personal beliefs, EVERYTHING you do feels more meaningful! Put those values somewhere you’ll see them every day. Perhaps framed on a wall or set as the desktop image on your laptop.

Then, occasionally stop and ask yourself: Why am I doing this task? Does it match my values? That moment of reflection will help you feel more motivated to grow in your career…or make adjustments, if needed.


One of my personal values is “Give First.” This means I actively look for both big and little ways to provide welcome surprises. By the way, this video comes from my LinkedIn Learning course, Time Management Tips: davecrenshaw.com/timetips

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