How my vacation helped me prioritize and improve my focus

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My vacation taught me a valuable lesson.

I’m just returning from a month-long Oasis and wanted to share the lesson that was reinforced during my break.

I believe in being fully present during my vacation and focusing on my family—my most valuable activity of all. In doing so, I am forced to put other activities off. I found myself asking, “Can this wait a few weeks?” Then, I started thinking…what if it waited a few months? Okay…what about a few years? Well, if it can wait THAT long…why am I doing it at all?

The question led me to re-evaluate what is most valuable to me. Now I can better prioritize my time each day. You don’t need a vacation to do this for yourself. Ask yourself the same questions when a new opportunity or request for your time pops up.

What’s something you’ve been putting off that maybe isn’t worth doing at all?

Dave’s course on LinkedIn Learning, Improving the Value of Your Time, can help you determine your MVAs and how this knowledge can increase your value per hour.

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