How to stay fit when traveling for business

Are traveling and small spaces keeping you from a workout? Well, this one can be done in a prison cell!

Exercise is essential to staying productive and happy, yet we often find reasons to avoid it. A common excuse is “I travel too much,” so I want to share a great routine with you.

I’m back with my friend, Coss Marte, who specializes in helping anyone stay fit, even with zero gym access. He used his time in prison to create routines that could easily fit in a space as small as…well…a prison cell. He even lost 70 pounds in six months doing the one I’m sharing with you today!

Be sure to watch Coss demonstrate the routine, as well as my hilarious attempt at it (yes, it’s a little embarrassing…you’re welcome), in the video below.

You can do this in your hotel room in between conferences, in a break room, or outside in a park. Traveling will no longer be an obstacle to keeping in shape.

No more excuses! A healthy body is part of the formula for improved productivity and focus.

What’s your favorite way to stay fit while traveling? I’d love some more ideas, so let’s hear it!

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