Why Seinfeld is a source of inspiration in my career as a speaker

Jerry Seinfeld inspires me to be a better speaker.

As a speaker, many may be surprised to learn that my favorite conferences to attend aren’t conferences at all. For me, my favorite source of inspiration to become a better speaker is a good comedy show!

Now, we all know I’m not a comedian, although I do try to infuse my business keynotes with a little humor to keep the audience entertained. So how do comedy shows help me improve my presentation as a speaker?

It’s simple. I’ll use one of my all-time favorite comedians, whom I recently went to see while in Las Vegas for a speaking event, as an example: Jerry Seinfeld.

In today’s video, I explain in more detail all of the amazing things he has taught me over the years of being a fan.

In short, he is living proof that practice makes perfect. Every word, pause, tone of speech or movement while on stage is intentional and practiced to perfection. The result is a commanding stage presence that appears casual and effortless! I’m always left in awe after seeing him live and full of new ideas to work into my own presentations.

What’s an unusual source that YOU go to for inspiration in your career? Please share in the comments below.


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