SAM leads to consistent results and long-term success

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Do you know SAM? No, I’m not talking about a person.¬† I’m referring to a formula I use to reach my desired results time and time again.

It goes like this: S+A+M = Result

So, what does that mean? Working backwards, the “result” is the goal you want to achieve at the moment. Only focus on ONE goal at a time.

Then, analyze what you’re missing from the areas below. When you combine all three elements, you will consistently achieve¬†your goal:

S stands for Systems.

A Stands for Accountability.

M stands for Motivation.

Choose ONE action to take. Gather and then process that action into your calendar. Finally, rinse and repeat until your result is achieved.

Yes, it’s really that simple. Use this formula to create your action plan, and your rate of success will increase substantially.

What’s your next action going to be?


The formula above has been proven millions of times as a way to consistently get exactly what you want in life. I’ve taught this exact same process to corporations all over the world. I break down each step in detail, full of examples from past experiences, in my book, “The Result.” You can get a free digital copy here: