The Productive Chaos Master, Dave Crenshaw, with guest host Kwame Christian

Hear the story of how Dave Crenshaw went from living in chaos and bouncing from career to career to becoming a productivity and time management expert. Dave heard two magic words that shifted his entire mindset. When his wife, Katherine, revealed she was pregnant, he knew he had to make big changes. In this special episode, guest host Kwame Christian flips the script and interviews Dave. You’ll hear how Dave’s ADHD diagnosis led him to develop a system to tame his tendency towards chaos and turn it into a successful career training millions around the world.

Action Principles


Pick one to do this week:


  1. Follow your curiosity. Pursue your interests and try new things to discover what works for you. ACTION: Schedule time in your calendar to try out a new interest.
  2. Build your tribe. Take time to build strong relationships that help support and motivate you. ACTION: Create a list of who you would put on your personal board of directors and maintain a good connection with them.
  3. Leave a legacy. Consider how you want to be remembered and use that to guide your actions today. ACTION: Ask yourself: How do I want to be remembered? Write it down and make it part of your vision.

Guest Resources


You can continue to learn from Dave Crenshaw on LinkedInLinkedIn Learning, or by visiting

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