The Media Mama, Ashley Bernardi – Founder and CEO of Nardi Media

Hear the story of how Ashley Bernardi overcame her childhood trauma and built a fulfilling and flexible business in media relations. Ashley grew up with a passion for expressing herself through the written word, and she pursued a career in media from an early age. In this episode, you’ll learn how Ashley was forced to confront her trauma and used that pivotal moment to reach a healthier, balanced level of success. Listen to her story and choose which action resonates most with you.


Action Principles 


Pick one to do this week


    1. Know your natural gifts. Understanding your natural talents and finding ways to build a career around them is critical to a successful future. ACTION: Look for ways to incorporate your natural gifts into your career to further your growth.
    2. Slow down to grieve appropriately. Loss is a part of life. Take time to slow down and give yourself time to process the grief. ACTION: Schedule time off when you experience the loss of a loved one and allow yourself to slow down and grieve.
    3. Be flexible. Whether you’re a manager or not, find ways to create more flexibility in your schedule. ACTION: Sit down with your team and discuss ideas to develop a more flexible schedule.
    4. Set a boundary for taking breaks. Consistent breaks to recharge are vital to staying focused and productive. ACTION: Schedule a daily break to reconnect with yourself and honor it like you would any other commitment on your calendar.


Guest Resources


Learn more about Ashley Bernardi by visiting Nardia Media or purchasing a copy of her book, Authentic Power.


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