The Fintech Bank Examiner, John Murphy – Supervisory Examiner for the FDIC

Hear the story of how John Murphy’s persistence led to an internship in the Scottish Parliament and a successful career working for the FDIC. John was the middle child in a large family that struggled financially, yet his parents instilled in him a passion for education and hard work that served him well in life. In this episode, you’ll learn how John didn’t let rejection stop him from pursuing his goals and what steps he took to achieve his success. Listen to his story, then choose which action will help you reach your goal and make John a part of your journey.

Action Principles 


Pick one to do this week

  1. Be persistent. Don’t just accept a no. Go after your goal with polite, passionate persistence. ACTION: Were you recently turned away from something you want? Reassess your approach and try again in a polite, genuine manner.
  2. Define your strengths. Find the intersection between what you enjoy doing, your natural talents, and your skills. Then, look for opportunities that match those strengths. ACTION: Take the course Discovering Your Strengths on LinkedIn Learning.
  3. Create a personal learning fund. Continued learning leads to new opportunities and growth. ACTION: Set a monthly contribution budget for your personal learning account and use it to invest in your ongoing education.
  4. Admit when you don’t know something. It’s better to admit you don’t know something than to pretend you do. ACTION: Ask someone experienced in a new skill to help you learn.


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Discovering Your Strengths


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