The Cyclist Entrepreneur, Tammeca Rochester Found of Harlem Cycle

Hear the story of how Tammeca Rochester transitioned from developing household products like Softsoap to creating the first cycling studio in Harlem. Her advocacy for wellness has been recognized in The New York Times and Essence Magazine. In this episode, you’ll learn how Tammeca combined her natural talent for problem-solving and her passion for wellness to create an innovative fitness studio. Listen to Tammeca’s story and choose which action will most impact your life.

Action Principles

Pick one to do this week.

1. Adopt the engineering mindset. It helps to view a challenge from the big-picture perspective. You’ll be able to see various options to decide which would be the best approach. ACTION: Step back and look at a current problem as a whole rather than focusing on the details.

2. Delegate efficiently. A great leader lets people do what they do best. You can’t be everything to everyone. ACTION: Delegate a task to someone on your team who can do a better job than you.

3. Fill a need. If you want to start a business, make sure it’s doing something that fills an existing need. ACTION: Ask yourself if there’s a problem you see over and over again and how you can fill that need in a way that is profitable.

4. Know your worth. Don’t be afraid to charge accordingly. You’ll attract your ideal clients when you value your time. ACTION: Reassess your fees to determine if you’re charging what you are worth. If not, consider making changes.

Guest Resources

You can learn more about Tammeca Rochester at

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