How to use your notepad productively for excellent time management

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Are you using your notepad productively? Whether it’s paper or digital, a notepad can be a great tool for time management—when used correctly.

A notepad is often used to store mixed media. General notes and action items. Using it efficiently comes down to one small tweak and three important questions.

First, put a checkbox next to any item that requires action.

Then, process your notepad like any gathering point with one minor adjustment:

1. What – What is the action required?

2. When – When does the task need to be completed?

3. Where – Where is the home after processing is done?

Step 3 is where the minor adjustment is needed when it comes to a notepad. In this case, I recommend using the “three-deep” filing system to store the notes for future reference.

This new minor adjustment is one of the many updates in the newly revised edition of Time Management Fundamentals now available on LinkedIn Learning.

Do you have any helpful tips for using a notepad productively?


Processing your digital notepad is one of the many updates in the newly revised version of Time Management Fundamentals. Check out the full course on LinkedIn Learning at

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