Are you focused on your most valuable customers?

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Not every customer is your dream customer. In fact, some can siphon the focus right out of you.

First, a quick confession: I’m a big geek who plays video games almost every day. Scheduling time for leisure helps me manage my day more effectively.

I both work and play on my Xidax computer. Xidax allows geeks like me to customize and tinker. I’m loyal to the brand, and it is for these same reasons that I’m a Xidax customer, and not, say, an Apple customer. Apple doesn’t design their products to be altered or modified. And Apple doesn’t waste their time courting geeky customers like me. They know I’m not right for them.

Sometimes, we’re tempted to overly diversify our offerings and try to be everything to everyone. It’s a typical trait among motivated people—we chase every dollar in view, not wanting to leave money on the table. And when a potential customer asks, “Can’t you make an exception?” it stresses us out. Even worse, it takes focus away from our most valuable customers: the ones we are far better matched with.

If a customer seems like they’re about to siphon your focus, it’s okay to say no. Refer them to a friend—or a competitor!—who is better suited to help them.

The customer may always be right, but they aren’t always right for your business.

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