Why a mindset of kindness can boost productivity

“How can I make this person’s day?”
My long-time friend, Jason Hewlett, and I are working on a secret project, and I wanted to share one idea from it with you today: The mindset of kindness.
Jason is exceptionally talented at building other people up and making them feel wonderful. It’s a very valuable soft skill to possess and one you can easily learn! When you go into your day with this mindset, and actively look for ways to build up another person, you will notice a boost in your mood, as well as any person you compliment! This leads to a boost in productivity and your ability to focus on tasks.
Here are some examples you can use to put this mindset into action:
• Tell someone when you notice something positive about them, such as their outfit or a warm smile.
• Let a person know that you’ve noticed their gifts, strengths, or talents.
• When you’ve observed something unique while interacting with someone, share it with that person.
What’s one way you can make another person’s day today? I’d love to hear your ideas!

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