How to know when a meeting should be an email instead

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Could that long meeting have been a short email instead? More often than not, the answer is yes. The good news is there’s a way to figure it out before you waste valuable time. Let me explain.

As a society, we have a love-hate relationship with meetings. Management loves them, everyone else…maybe not so much.

Meetings are powerful methods for getting on the same page, creating action plans, and keeping each other accountable…when used properly.

Unfortunately, leaders tend to overuse this tool and exhaust their team. It’s hard to get projects completed on time when your days are filled with back-to-back meetings.

It’s even more frustrating when an hour-long meeting could have been an email.

When you’re in a leadership position, how do you know if a meeting is necessary? It’s pretty easy!

Next time, ask yourself, “Can we take care of this without a meeting?” If yes…well, you have your answer. If you’re not sure, watch this quick video to gain a little more clarity.


Dave shares more tips on making meetings more productive in his LinkedIn Learning course, Leading Productive Meetings: