How to manage your time better by putting down your phone

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Want to manage your time better? Try putting your phone down. In this clip from my interview with ABC affiliate WSB-TV in Atlanta, I share a shocking statistic. The average person picks up their phone to check emails and messages TEN times every hour. That leads to a significant amount of time lost to switchtasking.

If you checked your messages ONCE each hour instead, you’d recover 90% of that time back! Imagine what you could do with those bonus minutes!

One suggestion: Use some of it to take a break and do something FUN!

Why? We all need time to enjoy—plus, it’ll boost your productivity and focus even more by recharging your mental battery.

What’s an easy tip that helps you manage your time more efficiently?

Here are some ways to reduce the switches in your child’s day:

• Remove devices such as phones or tablets from the learning space
• Schedule breaks during learning hours for a little fun
• Unplug as a family and spend quality time together

Do your children struggle with switchtasking? How do you help them avoid it?


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