How hard time develops intuitive leadership skills

“He’s got boots on. Watch for a riot.”

Reading people is critical to business success. In prison, it’s critical to daily survival.

My friend, Coss Marte, developed the intuitive leadership skill the hard way: while doing hard time. He took this negative experience and turned it into a positive, though. His awareness of his surrounding has helping him build an incredible business in the Lower East Side of New York City: ConBody. I met him early in his entrepreneurial journey, and his progress since then is astounding. We reconnected recently, and I find his story of success very inspiring.

His advice is to pay attention to the little signs. Body language, tone of voice, energy, and other subtle details are all ways to read a person and decide how best to engage with them. This is even helpful in the first stage during an interview before you even hire someone!

Do you find that reading a person comes natural, or is it something you have to work to achieve? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

You can learn more about ConBody here:

In case you’re curious, I support Hustle 2.0’s work to eliminate recidivism through entrepreneurship. You can check it out here