How to maintain a human connection in a digital world

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“I just want to talk to a human!”

In a digital world full of automation options, we tend to forget the importance of making human connections.

I’m a big fan of automation services to minimize the use of multitasking. It can be incredibly efficient! I also encourage using these services to help you focus on people.

Stan Phelps introduced me to Evan Carroll whose entire career is to teach companies how to be “more human.” What an important role!

As he points out in the video, it’s when you overutilize automation and digital communication, and forget to make a personal connection through human engagement, that you have an issue.

Here are some examples when a human is preferred:

☑️ Technical support calls
☑️ Sales calls
☑️ Human Resources
☑️ Receptionists

Here are some areas where automation is wonderful:

☑️ Emailing weekly newsletters
☑️ Reminders to follow up with leads
☑️ Publishing planned social media content

What are some other examples you think should be handled by a human rather than a machine? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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