Here’s how to avoid a United incident at your company – SPECIAL PODCAST

Last week, I wrote an article for LinkedIn Pulse that exploded. As of this posting, the article on the United “re-accommodating” incident has received more than 250,000 views, 4100 likes, 1200 comments, and 1100 shares.  You can find that original article here:

As some of you have requested a longer, audio podcast, this article seemed perfect for a test run for my first audio-only podcast!

You can listen using this player:


If you liked it, please let me know by commenting below. All you need to say is “Yes!” or “More!” or “I like it.” This is very important because your comments will let me know you want me to record more of these in the future.

Audio experts will recognize a couple of technical issues. We’ll get them resolved for the next podcast if this proves to be a popular resource for my readers.




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